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Chapter 8: Movin' On Up - Part 3 - The Wimbledon Rifle Matches

The Wimbledon Rifle Matches – July 14 & 15, 1881

Mr Parker delivered them to The White Hart Inn in Wimbledon, on the south-west outskirts of London. He and his assistant carried the trunks to Vastra’s room while she and Jenny looked over the entrance hall and front parlour of their lodgings. As Parker was leaving he said, “One last thing Madame; John Taylor gave me this for you.” He handed Vastra a note, collected his pay quietly from Jenny, and departed with a cheerful wave.

The inn itself was small, only a dozen rooms on three floors, and with their arrival it was full. Mrs Crawford’s cousin, Mrs Lundy, welcomed them herself, and led them to their temporary quarters. The suite contained a small drawing room with a polished desk and matching chair, a large armchair by the window for reading and a separate bedroom. There was even a trundle bed that fit neatly under the big bed during the day for Jenny to sleep in.

"How… convenient," observed Vastra as she looked it over, a dubious tone in her voice. She’d grown rather accustomed to having her warm blooded mammal keeping her bed nice and cosy.

"The servants’ quarters are already full, but if you prefer your privacy, Madame, your girl can stay with one of my maids. I know she’s young, and one hears such dreadful stories sometimes, but my staff are good girls, and won’t bully her too much."

Jenny and Vastra glanced at each other.

"Might not be a bad idea, Ma’am," said Jenny, drawing herself up bravely. "I’d likely learn a fair bit from them, and you know I can hold me own."

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Three, Two, One, Four!

The very first episode of Doctor Who that I saw was “The Three Doctors” a… few… years ago (cough) Thank you TV Ontario for starting a number of us off with that!

So when I finally saw “Planet of the Spiders” (Three to Four) it seemed both sad, but rather…normal. The Doctor changes. That’s what he does. Enjoy the one you’re with.

It’s sad to lose an old friend, and often fun to gain a new one. And if you don’t like the new one… it’s like the weather…

Wait a bit, things will change again…

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